Q: When is the game coming out, and why do these things take so long?

A: We're aiming for Spring 2020. A very realistic time frame for a game at this scale. At the moment it's just one very hard working dude on the project. We may open up to hiring additional people or bringing on internships in the future. We avoid scope creep like a plague here, which means the core of the game is figured out and just needs to be built. "It should all go relatively smoothly" - Mike Garn 2018. These things take so long because game developers are probably playing video games instead of working... or they have to do another job intermittently to pay the bills.


Q: What is the current state of the game? What's the next part of the plan? is it playable?

A: The game is in pre-alpha, with a few core gameplay elements left to be coded in. Everything in the trailer is real and in game, maybe just needs to be put in a different place in the map, but it's in there. The current plan is to finish one of the early areas of the game. From there it's mostly about building art assets. It is playable, just needs a bit more love before going public. The prototype (as we're calling the first area of the game) is currently set to be released during February 2019 (Update 12/31/2018).


Q: Will you be taking the game to various conventions?

A: Yes, that's what the prototype will be used for along with some other fun surprises!


Q: Are you open to crowd funding?

A: Yes we're open to crowd funding, but a couple things need to happen first. Step 1, the prototype. We believe it's important to have proof of concept, that the game can in fact be built. It could be misleading to do things any other way.  Step 2, continued growth in the game's community. We haven't really pushed the marketing of the game yet, it's kinda just floating out there for people to stumble upon. This was planned. More people interested means more distractions, more messages in the old inbox, more things needing to be responded to, and less time available to just build the game. It was amazing to see how even after Trailer 1's launch more time was being spent responding to messages. The game's development went so slow for about a week. What were we talking about? Oh yeah crowd funding. So not for sure if it will be needed yet, but it's a possibility.


Q: Are you open to investors?

A: Yes, if the partnership was met with similar intentions and expectations in mind. So here's the thing, after several years experience in the industry, working in what can only be described as a money making machine, it's super critical to our studio that we retain as much control of our projects, goals and intentions. Yes financial gain is an import part of the studio's development and independence, but more important is the respect and trust of our growing community. So many trusted studios all seem to lose their integrity at some point, as long as Mike Garn is in charge we won't.


Q: Why do you keep saying "we", aren't you just like one dude?

A: We wanted to sound more professional. For now we are just like one dude.


Q: What game engine are you using, and shouldn’t you be using Unity for this?

A: I’m building the game in Unreal Engine 4. Before this project I was building a totally different project in Unreal Engine for a few years, mostly just learning the engine because I wanted to build 3D games. So when I started Three of June I already knew Unreal Engine and didn’t want to use up anymore time learning Unity and C#. The engine I’m using has a lot of advantages technologically and financially. The only problem is the engine’s 2D capabilities seem to have been abandoned several years ago so a lot challenges need to be built from the ground up.


Q: Do you need any help?

A: Directly, not at the moment. There's been a lot of awesome messages from people asking to help with the game, but at the moment it's easier to manage a smaller team of one for as long as strategically possible. What would be the greatest help though is if you're interested in the project, follow the project at any of its social media accounts! Sharing or talking about Three of June with people that love this kind of stuff goes a long way too. I truly hope to build a tight and friendly community around the studio and future projects, and really appreciate all the kind words and support. You guys kick ass!