I've had enough people ask me what's going on with Three of June that it's time for an update!

I've been working crazy hard on the project since the last update. Sometimes the attention the game gets is really distracting, and programming takes 100% of my focus so I instinctively went off the grid to get this done as quick as possible. Video updates will be back when the prototype is finished, and believe me I have plenty to say about the past 6 months of development when that time comes. From here I'll slowly be coming out of the shadows!

It's no surprise this has been a stupid amount of work, but the prototype is nearly finished and it's better than I originally imagined... and by prototype I mean the coding for 90% of the game. Everything beyond that is mostly level design, figuring out character dialog, sound, and art. Right now I'm programming the game's UI and UX. Frontend stuff mostly. Then an update to the player character animations. After the prototype I'll be unleashing TRAILER 02 finally showing gameplay and a tiny peek into the story's characters! There's a plan in motion here, and after the prototype we're going to create an avalanche.

You were built for this 🤖❤️🐻


Three of June Development Vlog: Episode 01 is finally a thing!



Alright the next big 3 month game push has begun, and we’re off to a great start! Also my apologies, but still no Vlog Updates yet. Two days just wasn’t enough time to get it going without stressing a lot, and it probably had nothing to do with a zit on my face. As the dark lord Voldemort is my witness I’m going to get the Vlog running this week.

I'm posting a little screenshot from the prototype showing the interaction systems up and running! Things that you can interact with glow blue! I'm not at the polish stage yet so visually its going to be pretty bland. Welcome to game development!

Ok game stuff! I built the supply crate system that from various types of containers you open and loot spawns. So because of this last week was mostly about getting the interaction system working and I merged it into the weapon pickup system, picking up weapons and interacting with the environment is now the same system and button. After talking about it at lunch with my buddy Ryan at work, he got me thinking about merging the systems. A lot of UX design has gone into this from the beginning, and I’m continuing searching for ways to improve it. For those that might not know, UX stands for “User Experience”. When you use a device like your phone, computer, controller, or navigate any user interface, that interaction is the user experience and that experience was designed to hopefully be easy to use. I enjoy solving UX problems because solutions are often very subconscious and abstract.

I have a huge list of stuff to build this week. I’ve kinda just bouncing between implementing or fixing small things the last couple days. I started the in game currency that is used for LOTS of stuff. It’s all procrastination to avoid my dreadful next tasks haha. Regardless I really want to tackle something big this week, like I did last week. It’s between the save system and something I can’t even mention yet because if for whatever reason, for any reason at all, under any circumstance, no matter where I am, or who I’m with, or what I’m thinking, for whatever reason I can’t figure it out I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I’ll be hitting digital books pretty hard this week. Good news is I have about three big programming obstacles left, and “it’s all smooth sailing from there” -Mike Garn 2018.

Thanks for staying interested in the project, reading these long posts, and most importantly have an killer week!


Good morning campers! It's time for the Three of June Monday update! So today I wanted to share the first exterior concept I did for the game. I’m a bit disappointed with how the trailer exterior shots are so muted in comparison. With how fast I had to work getting the trailer finished before my own self proclaimed deadline, color matching was overlooked. It’s an easy fix that will be taken care of come the next trailer. Next trailer will be in November!

This week I hit the worst bug in the code I’ve ever hit, and it took three days to find and fix it. Never code tiered, lesson learned… naawt. Knowing me I’ll totally do it again. The good news is the weapon system and weapon pickup system is working great, and now I’m updating the environment interaction systems. Now when you have multiple weapons near you or switches to interact with it chooses the nearest one. On paper it sounds so simple, but trust me the inner workings of these things are fascinatingly complicated and take a lot of deep breaths to figure out.

Next week is the the first VLOG post which has been a long time coming. I might show a tiny bit of the prototype in its ugly state! Thanks and have a great week everyone!


Before I started this, I was working on a more ambitious game. 
I deciding to scale down to a project I could do alone. I had always wanted to modernize and add my own twists to a game like Contra and that's how Three of June started. I approach new projects almost as if getting a new pet, you've gotta commit and can't neglect it. I did a series of concepts trying to make an image that compelled me enough to commit to a new project. This was the final concept image that helped me define Three of June.

The last week I got through some pretty crazy programming obstacles, but now we're onto one of the big ones, the weapon system. It's already in place but I haven't implemented the modification system to it yet which led me to overhaul the entire system. Should be done by the end of the week and then it's onto the save and spawning system. Thanks, and until next week!


I'm still here and still working my ass off! I've been building the game part time the last couple months, trying to put in time after work nearly every night. BUT! I go full time on the game again in a few weeks and that will last until January. Despite the stuttered progress a lot has been made to the game. We've got AI, an actual functioning level, and A LOT of techincal stuff going on in the code, this is totally happening.

I have a ton of stuff I can share now so I'll be posting weekly updates every Monday from here on out. Also I made the first VLOG and the file got corrupted, arrrrrgggg. I decided to just work on the game instead of rerecord it, but as soon as I go full time on the game again I'll be starting up a monthly VLOG too.